Our Process

A)Application Process

To get the system verified or endorsed by the requirement only Management System i.e., ISO 9001, ISO 14001. One has to contact Transworld Consultants by the way of web site, call the office, contact our associates nearby or mail it .Fill up the application form and send to office. The quote shall be furnished to you, there after the client needs to accept the quote and sign the audit contract. .

Based upon the nature, complexity of the activities and the people engaged in the process, TransWorld Consultants select an audit team of pertinent auditors & technical experts as the case may be. The team shall be disclosed to the client’s management and may be changed at request with justification. The audit shall be conducted at mutually agreed time. The information which is not publicly available will be kept confidential and not be shared with any one other then Accreditation Board.

C) Assessment/ Audit

We follow two stage audit program. First is document review, which is done at our office or on site. This is to see whether the documentation satisfying the requirement of respective Management System Standard or not if so then conveyed to the client. Second stage is onsite audit, which is done at site by verifying the records and interviewing the employees. As we know that the audit word is derived from the word “Audio” which means listen/ hear. Our all the auditors are always ready to listen and understand the auditee and the recommendations are given in the report. The elements to be audited can be seen under product and services: Look at the specific certification standard.

D) Certification Recommendation

Once the satisfactory audit is done, the copy of the auditors report shall be send to technical committee of TransWorld Consultants by saying that the client is satisfying the requirement of respective Management Standard i.e., ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc. The technical committee reviews the report for completeness, conflict in auditors view and other technical areas as per the industry requirements. Once the review is done technical committee prepares the certificate and there after competent authority signs the certificate. The certificate may be verified on the website of TransWorld Consultants after delivery of the certificate. The logos may be used as per the guidelines issued to the client along with the certificate.

E) Ongoing Surveillance

The auditor decides the interval between the surveillances or about the next surveillance. The number of such visits is governed by internationally recognized guidelines. These visits are made to verify the compliance of International Management System requirements. These visits are inversely proportionate to the maturity of the system or quality of the system. These visits also provide you the information about the changes/ development happened during the interval. The Maximum Gap between two Audit s shall not be more than one year from the date of Last site Audit.

G) Re-Certification

Once three year of Certification are Complete, Client Organisation needs to undergo Re-Certification for this Management of Client organization or any Authorise person of Client organization has to convey the message to TransWorld Consultants by sending mail to TransWorld Consultants office precise the mails Member Secretariat take the respective details and send the Quotation. Rest process will be same as initial Certification.