Our List of Training Programs

  1. Training on ISO 9000 Quality Assurance System
  2. Training of Interna! Quality; Auditors as per requirements of ISO 9000
  3. Training on writing & Firming up of Quality System Documentation ine including Apex Manual, Quality Procedures, Work and Test Instructions
    as per ISO 9000
  4. Training on Development and Application of Statistical Process Control and Statistical Quality Control Techniques (SRC /SQC)
    including Application of 7 QC Tools with Case Studies
  5. Training on Total Quantity Management (TQM)
  6. Training on Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard as per ISO 9000.
  7. Training on Inspection / Quality Control with Non-deseructive Techniques (NDT)
  8. Training on Explosives rules & regulation and sage handling practice.
  9. Training on Work Place Improvement.
  10. Training on Effective Maintenance of Riant & Machinery

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